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Long Arm Quilting Services

Are you thinking about sending your quilt to me for quilting?  If so you've landed on the right page!  Here you will find most of the answers to your questions and if you don't please email me@

All quilting is done on a Gammill Statler Optimum.  Gammill is known for their long-lasting, dependable, quality machines.  The Statler by Gammill uses cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch many different designs.  This machine also allows me, as a quilter, to do many amazingly different things to quilting patterns.  The Statler also give me the flexibility of hands-free quilting as well as computerized quilting.

Quilting Designs - I offer multiple different designs by designers such as Anne Bright Designs, Kim Diamond (Sweet Dreams Quilting Studio) and Nancy Haacke (Wasatch Quilting).  These designers offer a multitude of different designs such as Edge to Edge, Borders and Custom Designs.  If I don't have a design that you are looking for, just ask and I will try my best to find it.

Pantograph (also known as Edge to Edge) Designs - Quilting designs that a single pattern is used on the entire quilt. Pricing starts at .020 cents per square inch.

Borders - Border designs are ones that are typically sewn within a border.  Quilts can have one or more borders.  Each border has a $15.00 charge.

Custom Quilting - Custom Quilting is when specific quilting patterns are placed in specific blocks or areas of the quilting.  Each quilt is priced based on the designs picked out between the quilt owner and the long armer.

How to Prepare a Quilt

Quilt Top 

Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing your quilt
All seams must be secure
Quilt top should be square and lay flat
Clip all loose threads
Remove all pins
If quilt and/or backing is directional please indicate with a safety pin in the top left corner

Quilt Batting

Quilt batting may be purchased directly from me or you may send your batting with your quilt.  I sell Quilter's Dream Batting in both 100% Cotton and 100% Wool.

Quilt Backing
Extra wide backing is available for purchase.  Please call for my current inventory of backing fabrics.
Backing fabric needs to be 4" larger than your quilt on all sides.  For example, if your top measures 60" x 72", then your backing needs to be 68" x 80".  (Additional backing is necessary to secure the quilt backing to the long arm frame.)